Braad Joode; Holland's successful Long Distance champ due to a Unique Couple: A Zoontjenscock and a Klak hen.

By Jurgen Schaerlaeckens

" Whoever races my pigeons and uses my system will be a great champion " are the historic words of the late Mr Jan Zoontjens (father of Wal Zoontjens)..

This is the story of two young, enthousiastic men who have definitely proven this quote in a very short amount of time; Mr Jeroen Braad en Mr Kees Joode.

Somewhere in the year 1990 the two friends Jeroen Braad and Kees de Joode were going out to buy a pigeon loft. On their way they passed the little town of 'Riel'. Jeroen remembered having read a report about the famous pigeonfancier Mr. Wal Zoontjens, the son of Jan, who lives in that town. They pulled themselves together and without notice they decided to visit Mr. Zoontjens.

They never reached the town where they wanted to buy a new loft for their birds but came back home with a bunch of birds they bought from Zoontjens. Then they could not imagine then this would be the start of a rocketing career. Only a couple of years later the whole country knew their names because of breath taking results at Long Distance. So this first (accidental) meeting with Mr Zoontjens turned out to be an
enormous milestone. They could never expect this meeting to have such an enormous impact on their lives. They did not only manage to buy 20 late youngsters from Zoontjens but also got a bird
named 'Old Chateauroux, NL 88-8896876' for free.

This pigeon ('Old Chateauroux') would become one of Holland's very best breeders ever and would become the basic bird of their further successes.

The hen he was mated with was a pure Klakbird 88-2107031 who was herself 1st Ace. How often did a thing like this not happen? One buys pigeons somewhere, the seller gives one bird free and exactly this bird is 'The golden one'. Giving this 'Old Chateauroux' away was the biggest mistake I have ever made.
Mr Zoontjens said afterwards. " I thought that this pigeon had no use for me " Mr Zoontjens said.
"I had 3 early breds off of the same parents and this was a late hatch I did not need for myself and I wanted to do these fine young men a favour."

The 'Old Chateauroux' was a son of the famous 'America pigeon' a hen which Zoontjens sold to America as it was a superior hen at 1,000 km racers. And this formula: The crossing of Zoontjensbloodline (De Oude Chateauroux) with that of Klak (88-2107031) is the key to their success. An explosion of one superbird after the other was the result. Nearly all the famous long distance racers those guys have now are descendants of this basic couple. The funny thing is that a Klakbird (via Mr Heesters) also got a great impact in the loft of Mr Zoontjens himself.

In 1983 Zoontjens got this Klakhen (83-0986370) he mated her with a cock of his old family and this couple alone gave him six winners. The most important children of this Golden Couple of Mr De Braad and Mr Joode are:
'De Wally' and 'Old 50'.

  • 'De Wally' (90-2772511) never raced but as a breeder he gave one superbird after the other.
  • 'Old 50' (90-2763950) was entered in twelve 2-day races (from about 1,000 kilometres) and won 12 prizes. Among them a 1st prize from Bergerac (about 843 kms).

Both players started an official partnership in 1993.
Their characters complete each other. Jeroen talks easily, takes more risks whereas Kees is more sensitive, quiet and careful. "With the two of us it is also a lot of fun" Jeroen says. "We share tasks and enjoy our pigeons every moment". When you talk to them you talk to pigeonlovers. Two perfectionists who do everything to succeed in the pigeonsport. Before they both had pigeons on their own but individually they never could make any fame. "At that the time we messed around a little" they now say. The combination of the two turned out to be a fabulous one. Only 5 years after this magnificent meeting between the two friends and Zoontjens NPO, Hollands biggest pigeon magazine named Jeroen Braad (32) and Kees de Joode (39) two new, young and fresh heroes in pigeon sport.

In 1995 the combination Braad/Joode had 14 breeding couples and some spare hens. Why do young unexperienced pigeonfanciers immediately start playing for the national long distance flights? I wondered.
Kees de Joode says "You must go for the highest reachable". This very sentence says everything about the ambitions of the two.

First of all pigeons of superior quality but also a deep love for the pigeon sport. Of course the system of Wal Zoontjens helped them in reaching such successes in such a short time; since the very beginning the Combination Braad/Joode started with the feeding system of Mr. Wal Zoontjens. It is a mixture with
much corn and soya. Everything must be perfect and right on time.
Feeding. Training. Everything happens daily to the minute. The loft is settled at Kees' place which is
also an advantage. It is a small and very nice loft, the temperature is very nice and constant and it always smells very nice. The rise of the combination is no less than spectacular.

In their first year (!), they became 10th Over All Champion (13,000 fanciers) one year later they were 5th.
In 1995 (their 3rd year(!) they reached the very top and became 1st Champion Iong distance Semi National (NABvP). . In 1999 they had an Interprovincial Ace at long Distance. This pigeon was called 'Stealth' his bandnumber was 97-1730000.

But the year 2000 has probably been the best so far and it was again pigeons which were mainly of the bloodline of 'Old Chateauroux' and 'Klakduif' that were winning. The strange thing is that many of their superior breeders were born in 1992.

For the combination Braad de Joode there are only five flights a year that really matter: The Semi National long distance races. That is what they work for 365 days a year. A nice fact is that Kees' wife always lights a candle of a specific brand for good luck. These two fine young men have never lost reality. Even now that they are so successful they are as eager and enthusiastic as in the early days. Before 1997 they raced in the North of Holland later in the South due to reorganisation. For them it is no problem to fly against the big names. It is another challenge and they both have the same goal: Also beat them.

First of all it should be noticed that it is impossible of course to have birds with a real long prize list when you only aim at long distance races which are only held five times a year. But in this discipline (the real hard races against the strongest National competition) their birds of the bloodline Zoontjens and Klak have proven to be among the best of a whole nation.

' De Chateauroux' 92-1450458
Father 'Old Chateauroux' 88-8896876 (basic cock).
Mother: One of the hens which were purchased from Zoontjens in 1990.
'De Chateauroux' won all provincial ( !) at Long Distance :
La Souterraine 99 3.913 pigeons 6th
Chateauroux 99 2.853 pigeons 13th
Argenton 97 3.629 pigeons 19th
La Souterraine 98 3.634 pigeons 21th and so on.

'The Champ' 95-2163143
Father: Pure Zoontjens.
Mother: Daughter 'Oude Chateauroux' basic cock.
'The Champ' won:
La Souterraine 132 pigeons 1st
La Souterraine 2.634 pigeons 10th
Argenton 4.212 pigeons 7th
Argenton 3.629 pigeons 27th
Cambrai 2.920 pigeons 29th.
'The Champ' was 2nd World Champion Long Distance in the V Laga Competition 1997.

Olympic Durban: Nl 95-2163183
This pigeon represented Holland at the Olympiad in Capetown, South Africa last winter..
It was entered in 24 long distance races and won no less than 21 prizes.
In total he won 43 prizes representing over 19125 kilometers.
Olympic Durban is 80 percent Zoontjensblood and 20 percent Janssen.
The father is a pure Zoontjensbird, his mother 94-1653223 is a sister to 92-1450250. This 250 is the father to 'Stealth' which was the 1st Interprovincial Ace in 2000.
So an Olympiadbird which is closely related to a 1st Interprovincial Ace?
What else can we say. The results of Olympic Durban are even greater if one considers they race in the very North of the province so a location which is the worst for long distance. We do not mention the local or regional results but those won on Provincial leverl. Olympic Durban won at races from 600 to 800 kilometers:
Limoges '00: 656 pigeons 11th
Montlucon '00: 1004 pigeons 13th
Limoges '98: 2621 pigeons 18th
Limoges: '99 2855 pigeons 36th
Etampes '96: 3381 pigeons 37th

And so on and so on.

There were only two pigeons in the whole country who did better in 1999 and in 2000 sothat Olympic Durban could respresent Holland at Olympiad in South Africa between the best racers of the world.
The remarkable thing is that 'Olympic Durban' is already father of a Super ('Young Durban' 97-9780880) which won a 1st Provincial Chatearuoux, a 2nd Provincial Tours and a 5th Proovincial Tours. Moreover he is also grandfather of 97-9780912 (Mouphassa) which was 1st Ace Provincial in 2000 of course at Long Distance.

'Young Durban' 97-9780880
Father: 95-2163183 (Olympic Durban)
Mother: 95-2163190 (Halfsister 'Stealth' 97-1730000, 1st Inteprovincial Ace in 2000 NPO at long Distance).
' Young Durban' won always at long distance:
Chateauroux 227 pigeons: 1st
Chateauroux 917 pigeons: 1st
Tours 448 pigeons 2nd
Tours 1.248 pigeons 5th (4.636 pigeons 16th).

'Bruno' 93-1170001:
Father 'Wally' 90-2772511 the son of 'Oude Chateauroux' and 'Klakhen' the basic pair.
Mother: 90-2908546, one of the hens they got from Zoontjens in 1990.
Bruno won:
Strombeek 912 pigeons 1st
Montlucon 179 pigeons 1st
La Souterraine 223 pigeons 1st
La Souterraine 560 pigeons 1st
He was 1st Ace at Long Distance both in 1995 and in 1996. He is father of Bora.

'Bora' Nl-97-9780901
Father: 'Bruno' 93-1170001, son of 'Wally', grandson 'Golden Couple'.
Mother: A Zoontjenshen.
'Bora' won the title "Golden Crack" in 1996 Proovincial for best yearling at Long Distance.
He won, again always from Long Distance.
Tours 98 412 pigeons 1st
Tours 98 1.535 pigeons 2nd (S-National 5.065 pigeons 7th).
Tours '00 448 pigeons 3rd
Tours '00 1248 pigeons 10th (S-National 4.636 pigeons 36th)

'Stealth' 97-1730000
Father 92-1450250, a pure Zoontjens which is grandfather ?Young Durban as well.
The mother is a pure Zoontjens and gr.mother of his 1st National Orleans.
Maybe 'Stealth' is the most sensational racer in the loft of De Braad Joode. He was in 2000 1st Ace at Short Distance but at the same time he was Semi-National Ace NPO (Brabant 2000) at long Distance.
In a time fanciers specialise on certain distances it is unique that the same bird is 1st Ace at Short Distance but also at Long Distance. Not only Regional but Interprovincial.
'Stealth' won Interprovincial at the long distance races in 2000:
Limoges 5.864 pigeons 14th
Tours 4.986 pigeons 16th
Chateauroux 4.146 pigeons 23rd. In half the country no one had a better bird.

'Mouphassa' 97-9780912.
Father is a son of 'Olympic Durban' mated with halfsister 'Stealth' (daughter92-1450250). It is also a descendant of 'Wally'. The mother is a direct daughter of 'Wally' (90-2772511 a daughter of the
basic pair 'Oude Chateauroux' and 'Klakhen').
'Stealth' was in 2000 1st Ace Interprovincial at Long Distance, 'Mouphassa' was 1st Ace in the Combine at long distance.

And birds like these there are more in the loft of Braad de Joode in the little town of Woudrichem.
93-1169996 (Good Yearling) is a halfbrother of 'Stealth' on fathers side. The mother is a daughter of 'Wally'. 93-1169996 won:
Velencienne 1.609 p 3rd,
Tours 5,065 p 14th (Interprovincial),
La Souterraine 3.244 pigeons 19th,
Limoges 2.621 pigeons 22nd,
Argenton 4.212 pigeons 35th.

94-1653294 (De Beul) a grandson of 'Oude Chateauroux' again won 1st Orleans (S-National 11.439 pigeons 5th), 2nd Chateauroux and 6th Montlucon (more than 600 km races.
92-5213999 (Teletekst) a son of Wally (son of the basic couple) won S-National Chateauroux 5.833 pigeons 4th (605 km).
94-1653272 (Verrassing) won Clermont 3rd, Bourges 5th, Chateauroux 5th, Roye 6th, Limoges 6th, Montlucon 9th, Limoges 9th. He was 21st National Ace (Vredesduif) long distance in 1996. So 21st best bird of 40,000 fanciers.

Such small loft and so many good long distance birds which are all related?
No wonder these 2 guys love pigeon sport so much.

The results of these pigeons show us that the best has yet to come. We still may expect a lot of smashing results of these pigeon freaks. The Stealth has recently been sold to China. Mr de Joode had tears in his
eyes when the deal was made but I am sure his descendants will be winning on the other side of the world too. This small inbred family has just given too many superbirds already.

Combination Braad de Joode
B.A. van der Colffstraat 1,
4285 XN Woudrichem Holland.
Tel 00 31 183 303169
Mobile: 06 51548580
Fax: 00 31 183 301796


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